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Other related Ideas

There are other cultures which share similar idea about "mixed" or strange animals.
Some images of ancient Egyptian gods are usually shown with a human body and the head of an animal. This lead to a theory that Ancient Egypt may have been an inspiration of Himapan creatures. Some Egyptian gods with animal features are:
Anubis-Egyptian god of the dead, represented as a black jackal or dog, or as a man with the head of a dog or jackal.
Bast-Egyptian cat goddess. A goddess of the domestic cat.
Hathor-Egyptian cow goddess.
Horus-Represented as a man with the head of a falcon.
Khensu-Messanger and moon god.
Khmenu-Egyptian water god. Depicted as a man with the head of a ram.
Ra-Egyptian Sun and creator god. Depicted depicted in human form with a falcon head.
Sebek-A crocodile god. Seen as a man form with a crocodile head.
Set-Egyptian god of chaos. Depicted as a man with a head of an aardvark.
Keb-Egyptian earth god.
Thoth-God of wisdom. Depicted as a man with a head of an ibis, wearing a crown consisting of a crescent moon.

egyptian gods

Another worth mentioning culture with many strange creatures is Greek Mythology. There are so many mythical monsters in Greek tales. Greek mythical creatures can be divided into two main categories, “hybrids” and “monsters”.
Hybrid creatures are composite creatures (Much like how most of the Himapan creatures are). These mythical beings populated the world of ancient Greeks.
Monsters mainly refer to beings that are unique in Greek Universe. Monsters were generally either friends or foes to various Greek heroes.


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