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Durong Kraisorn

Durong Kraisorn

Similar in appearance as a To Thep Ussa Don, a Durong Kraisorn is a hybrid creature between a lion and a horse. According to the legend, the animal has a horse’s body with reddish skin color, black tail, black horse like hooves, and a graceful head of a lion. The name “Durong Kraisorn” derived from 2 ancient Bali words;“Durong” which means a breed of horse and “Kraisorn” which stands for a lion.
Durong Kraisorns are carnivorous in nature. They feed on various inhabitants of the Himapan forest ranging from small animals like rabbits and monkeys to large animals like pigs, deer, and cattle. Its main advantages are fast running speed which is the trait of a horse and powerful deadly bite of a lion.

Durong Kraisorn

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